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ladyinglasses Reassurance for Families

In today’s busy world of careers and demanding schedules, we understand that it is impossible to be in two places at the same time. You may have a family, a job, and responsibilities of your own. Or perhaps you live some distance away from your parent/s.

You may call every day….you visit when you can….you might do some shopping….take care of repairs….help with the paperwork….or drive your mother to GP appointments.

You’d like to do more, but you have your job, or your own family to think about too. This can sometimes be a dilemma.

You may worry about your mum being at home by herself.
She might be at risk of falls, or other accidents, or might even occasionally feel isolated. You may call and perhaps suspect that something is wrong. Your mother’s voice may sound strained, or she doesn’t sound like herself. If there is a problem, you may not find out for some time, as your parent/s do not like to burden you with their complaints.

The stress and uncertainty can take its own toll on you and other family members.

For this reason, Crocus Homecare offers a range of services to care and support people at home, whilst providing the interaction and activity that are vital, especially for older people, in helping to retain cognitive ability and physical health.

Crocus Homecare also helps solve the dilemma of long-distance relationships whilst helping relieve stress for families. We become the ‘link’ that organises home care for your loved ones, and peace of mind for you.


We’ll be there when you can’t be

Crocus Homecare provides you with the reassurance that your loved one is being well looked after at those times when you can’t be there. We can be relied upon to ensure that their needs are being met by the same reliable, dependable staff, and that you have peace of mind.

We will maintain regular contact with you and keep you updated, and equally we will respond quickly to any requests or queries you might have. We are always contactable. We firmly believe in delivering a quality personal service to all our customers.

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"We have complete confidence in the manager and staff. It would be impossible for [my relative] to remain at home and independent without the excellent, responsive service they provide."