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Staff Profiles

Debbie Coward

Has significant experience in working with Looked After Children, especially younger people with social and emotional difficulties, as well as challenging behaviours.

Qualified at NVQ Level 4, she joined Crocus in September 2013 and has become an asset to our company.

In  June 2015, Debbie became Manager responsible for day to day running of service provision and staff. She will work alongside the other Debbie (Crowhurst) who will be spending more time developing the business.


Janet Fairley

Janet has both wide educational and occupational backgrounds. Initially a teacher, she then trained and worked as a RGN. Subsequently she managed a care home for people with profound Learning Disabilities. Going on to study management, she then combined hands on experience with her management skills working in a specialist Learning Disability organisation. Later, she became a Project Manager for Skills for Care helping establish training courses for those in the care industry.

Fortunately for Crocus Homecare, Janet decided she wanted to return to helping people live independent and fulfilling lives, and joined Crocus in January 2012.


Yvonne Furze

Initially Yvonne worked to support people with Learning Disabilities to live in their own homes, and in fact, published a book to help other carers in this sector. She then developed her skills in Social Care at both strategic and managerial levels, and set up a national network for disabled people who employ their own Personal Assistants. Yvonne has an NVQ Level 4 in Management. She joined Crocus Homecare in November 2013 bringing her wealth of experience with her.


Jane Hanlon

Jane’s background in Social Care has been working with a wide range of individuals with many different care needs in their own homes. This wealth of ‘hands-on’ experience is invaluable in developing and maintaining relationships with people who want to maintain their independence and continue living at home.

Jane also has an interest in, and experience of, working in the music industry, so brings a wider set of skills to her work with Crocus Homecare.

Jane joined Crocus Homecare in November 2014.


Janet Gratton

Janet is one of our most experienced Carers. She has some 30 years experience working as a Healthcare Assistant in a local hospital, where she has dealt with every conceivable health problem. Her knowledge is truly extensive. She has also worked alongside Community Nurses on the Out of Hours Service, especially with patients who had Palliative or End of Life care needs.

She initially worked part time with Crocus, starting in November 2011, but now works full time with Crocus.


Helen Legood

Helen started with Crocus in 2010, left for a brief period and returned to continue as a highly regarded member of staff. She has a degree in Science and Maths, and initially worked as a primary school teacher. Following her love of  ‘the great outdoors, ‘ she worked with the YHA before entering the caring profession.  She has many years experience working mainly with Older Adults and is trained to NVQ Level 4, and became an NVQ Trainer and Assessor. Again, Helen is a real asset to Crocus and continually receives positive feedback from our customers.


Ellie Thomson

One of our younger staff members, Ellie has at least five years solid experience in helping vulnerable, mainly Older Adults, to get back on their feet after illness or hospital discharge. She helped people make a speedy recovery,  regain their skills in coping with daily living, and maintain their independence at home. She is a real asset to Crocus Homecare.

Ellie joined us in November 2014.


Denise Wright

Again, in common with other members of Crocus Homecare’s staff group, Denise has successfully combined both an academic background with practical caring experience.

Denise gained a Diploma in Nursing Studies, practiced in a variety of settings as an RGN, and then studied Medical Ethics and Law. She returned to practice again in different settings including Nursing Homes.

Denise began work with Crocus Homecare in January 2011.


Rachel Harper

Based in Sheffield, Rachel’s initial interest was in training for, and working in, childcare, and was employed as a Nursery Nurse. She moved on and began working as a Personal Assistant which widened her interests and skill base. Since starting with Crocus Homecare in December 2013, Rachel has proved herself adept at working with Older Adults and those with Disabilities.


Amanda Williams

Based in Sheffield, Amanda works part time for Crocus Homecare. Initially she worked as a Care Assistant in a Care Home, and then as a Support Worker, helping to maintain vulnerable people at home. She then joined a Reviewing Team that monitored the care provided to residents in care homes, and was involved in Safeguarding procedures where care was poor or individuals were being neglected. She joined Crocus in January 2013.


Dave Stephenson

Dave is a relatively recent addition to our staff group. He has led an interesting and varied life both in this country and abroad. Originally qualifying with a degree in Analytical Chemistry, he has been employed in the pharmaceutical industry, where he has experience of project management abroad, notably in the Middle East.

Over the last few years, Dave has spent more of his time working in his local community helping others, whilst employed as a homecarer. He brings a wealth of experience with him to Crocus Homecare.


Shirley Bowler

Shirley has, like a number of other Crocus staff, managed to successfully combine both an academic career with her caring role. She has a degree in Humanities and a Diploma in Nursing, and later gained a second degree in Specialist Practitioner District Nursing.

Shirley has been employed her practical skills as a Community Staff Nurse, a District Nurse Assessor, a District Nurse Sister, a Nurse Advisor, and more recently as a Community Matron. Shirley has brought this depth of experience to her work at Crocus Homecare, and is a welcome addition to our team.


 Karen Sherlock

Another recent staff member brings a wealth of experience with her. Karen has extensive expertise across a range of settings in Health, including education, and has worked both clinically and managerially. Originally a Registered Nurse and later a  District Nurse, Karen obtained a Nursing Degree and became a Senior Sister, a Matron, a Locality Manager and a Manager of Trainers with Community Health Services. In addition to the Nursing Degree she has also trained in Clinical Practice at Sheffield Hallam and Clinical Leadership at Lincoln University, as well as an End of Life Diploma at St Luke’s Hospice. Like some others in the team, and fortunately for Crocus, Karen wanted to return to more ‘hands on’  work, and has proved really positive and helpful to those who wish to remain independent at home.


Nicole Robinson

One of the most recent additions to our staff team, is also the youngest, but, Nicole brings lots of experience with her. She has worked with Older Adults with the local council, and more recently in a local residential home. Over the two to three years in the care home, she rose through the ranks to become a Senior Care Assistant. Since joining us, she has demonstrated her commitment to the work by being positive, reliable and well liked by our customers.


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