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Funding your Care

Before your care service begins, Debbie will visit you, and your family, to discuss how we can help you, and to agree a tailor-made Support Plan to meet your needs and wishes.

We place great emphasis on delivering high quality services, and believe this cannot be achieved by short visits. This philosophy is endorsed by our customers.

We have a fixed fee level. There are no supplementary charges for evenings, nights, weekends or Bank Holidays, and Special Rates can be negotiated for extended respite breaks or longer continuous periods of care. There is also a mileage charge to cover some of the travelling costs. This is standard practice.

There are several ways your care may be funded. This can involved Public funding, Private funding, Continuing Healthcare funding, and sometimes charitable funding. On occasions, these can overlap.

Public Funding

You may be eligible to receive help with funding your care from the Government through Direct Payments.

Direct Payments are local council payments for people who have been assessed as needing help from Social Services, and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services, instead of receiving them directly from the local council.

Direct Payments give you more control over the services you need, allowing you, and your family, to arrange what services you want, when you want them. It also offers the flexibility to change patterns of care to best suit you.

It puts you in charge.

If you already receive Social Services:

Your local council must offer you the option of Direct Payments in place of the services you currently receive.

If you are not receiving Social Services:

To get Direct Payments, you need to contact your local council to ask them to assess your needs. They will discuss the Direct Payments option with you at this stage. If eligible, the amount you will receive will depend on the assessment your council makes of your needs.

Direct Payments do not affect any other benefits you may receive.

How is it paid?

Once approved, funding is released directly into your Bank, Building Society, Post Office or National Savings account.

What can you use Direct Payments for?

The money is for you to use to pay for services and equipment which will meet your identified needs. Councils should let you choose how best to meet your assessed needs as long as they are satisfied that agreed support arrangements are being met.

Managing Direct Payments

If you receive Direct Payments, you will need to account for the money you spend. The council has to be satisfied that the needs for which it giving you Direct Payments are being met.

Individuals can manage their own budgets, or ask family or friends to assist.

Once a budget has been agreed, Crocus Homecare can work with the individual, and their family, providing advice and guidance on care planning, and the role Crocus Homecare can play in providing the care services required to meet your needs, as well as assisting you to manage the Direct Payment if you so wish.


Private Funding

Should you not be eligible for public funding, or would simply prefer to fund your care privately, a number of options might be possible for you to help fund your care. You may wish to discuss your options with your family and/or Financial Advisor.


Health and Charitable Funding

There are times when Continuing Healthcare funding might be available to help with the costs of care. Assessment of, and eligibility for this is undertaken by Health staff.

There are also Charities that might be approached, either directly, or through Health staff, that may be able to assist with your care costs. Again, eligibility criteria will apply.

Care at Home

Whether your care is paid for privately or through public funds, we will deliver a high quality service to meet your individual needs.


If you would like us to visit you to have a chat on how we might help you, please contact Debbie Crowhurst on 01629 812874.

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