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The comfort we feel in our own home is like no other. It is where you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. You may live on your own. Your family will have grown up and moved into their own homes. Some may live nearby. Others may live further afield.

Your own friends, especially if older, may have increasing difficulty in visiting you, or may even have passed away.

Your home may not be as busy as it once was, and you don’t have so many people on hand for extra help when you need it.

You might just need the reassurance that someone is there to help when you need it. If your family members are unable to visit regularly, they will want the peace of mind knowing that someone is there to help care for their loved one.

Crocus Homecare can help you. Our companionship service helps by giving you the support you need to stay independent, giving you the help of a carer at times to best suit you. We always ensure that you have the same carer/s, and they will be there for company and conversation, as well as providing help with household and social activities. Our service is tailored to your individual requirements and will adapt to your changing needs.


What does our service include?


Company for You

At the core of our companionship service, your carer will be there to spend time with you. Do you like sitting and chatting, looking at old family photos, watching television or going for short walks? Our carers will be there to provide you with company and reassurance. Having someone to sit and chat with may be exactly what you need to brighten your day.

Social Activities

Where possible, our carer will encourage you to engage in social activities. That can be to attend a local club or meet with your friends for a chat and a cuppa. Our carers will be there with the support you need whenever needed.

Day Trips

As well as short outings, perhaps to the shops or your GP, your carer can accompany you on longer day trips. These will provide you and your family with piece of mind, knowing that you are getting the personal attention you need while out and about.

No matter where your trip takes you, your Crocus carer will help you as required.

Household Activities

If your independence is reduced, your carer can help with light housekeeping tasks, which can include dusting, washing, ironing, vacuuming, and changing bed linen. They can also help with your weekly shop and preparing meals.

Daily Routine

If you have difficulty keeping track of what need to be done and when, our carers can help you with daily routines. They can remind you to do the things you need to such as take your medications, feed the dog, go to the doctors, write birthday cards and other things to help you stay independent.

Other Suggestions

General conversation
Discuss current affairs
Answer the phone
Retrieve telephone messages
Read from books, magazines
Assistance with medication
Clothing selection
Reminisce about the past
Play games and cards
Stimulate mental awareness
Record family history
Watch TV / films
Assist with entertaining
Plan visits, outings and trips
Escort to weddings etc
Visit neighbours and friends
Maintain calendar / diary
Record and arrange recipes

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